replace gas fireplace insert with pellet stove

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Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves and Log Sets Choose a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to create an inviting atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of wood. Gas Logs: Firepits Our main areas of expertise are in servicing hearth products, and custom construction by adding new fireplaces or removing old ones to upgrade for better looks and efficiency. Pellet Stoves & Inserts. If so, note the smallest depth at the top of the fireplace. The most common types are gas, wood and pellet inserts. A grid or mesh in the bottom holds the pellets in place while letting the ash fall into a tray beneath. If there are any wires used with the pellet burner, you will have to fit these to nearby walls, which may involve de-installing the fireplace and then rebuilding it. home improvement and repair website. Are there inserts that can be used to replace a gas fireplace? Visit us to view our full line of fireplaces. Sizing the opening is important, and we'll cover that in a separate section later. Owning a pellet stove insert is no different from having a small pellet stove; both run on compressed biomass. Like others have said, it would be a lot of work to set up for a wood burning stove. traditional built-in The ClassicFlame PRO 36 in. Item #3518272. In most cases, youll need to refill the hopper about once per day. We recommend installing a flexible aluminum or similar air induction pipe to the chimney flue. Watch for excessive fly ash that can stick to heat exchanger tubes or the inside of the vent pipe. Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional, Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional, Check out our Buyer's Guide for Pellet Burning Inserts, Read our articles related to Pellet Burning Inserts, Read customer questions about Pellet Burning Inserts, True North TN40 Series Pellet Fireplace Insert, US Stove Corn and Pellet Burning Fireplace Insert, How to Find the Right Contractor to Install Your Hearth Appliance, 5 Animals That Want To Destroy Your Chimney & The Chimney Caps To Prevent It, How To Find Your Serial Number Information. We offer gas and wood burning fireplaces, gas and wood burning inserts, and pellet stoves. Pellet stove inserts come with a flashing assembly to cover the space between the edge of the appliance and the opening of the fireplace. I bought a townhouse recently that came with a gas fireplace in the master ... We're kicking around the idea of building a patio fireplace. Although this is a job best done by professionals, especially if you have a gas insert, it is possible to remove your fireplace insert yourself. You can check out our selection of pellet stoves. Bring your outdated fireplace back to life with an innovative Harman pellet fireplace insert. Pellet inserts do not come with the option of a gravity-fed fuel system and must have electricity. You can extend the length of your burn time by adding a hopper extension. For 1st f... We just bought a home that has a Florida room with a gas fireplace. Our customers come from all over Central and Southern California for good reasons! Gas Fireplaces & Inserts. Once you sign off on the delivery, the freight company is no longer liable for any damages. We can build one in from scratch or upgrade what is already existing and give a fireplace a new look. Buy on Amazon. View our Privacy Policy here. Most models have a 3-inch diameter outlet and use a 3-inch liner for a maximum of 10 to 15 feet. Use only the fuel recommended for your appliance. Many models have a hopper that regulates how much fuel is fed into the burn pot. Can a pellet insert be installed in a fireplace on an outdoor patio? A grinder is suitable for brick or stone. Visit the Fireplace & Stove Super Store in Clovis CA. Manufacturers should specify the type of materials you'll need to do this. All the information to compare between, electric, gas, pellet and wood fireplaces or stoves. Only Vertical Venting – A pellet stove insert is limited to only vertical venting, which can be a disadvantage at times. If so, then you will have to install a chimney liner, assuming you do not already have one. (Portland Or) Find My Dealer. Before you start trying to install the pellet fireplace, you should check that it was originally intended to be used for logs, and was converted. Pellet stove inserts also come with the safety features of regular pellet stoves. You may freely link However, wood pellet stoves offer additional advantages. What are firelogs? The UK regulations for ventilation relating to wood burning stoves were updated on 1st October 2010, with the ventilation requirements based on the air permeability of the house and the rated output of the stove. Fireplaces Plus in Clovis, CA has been in business for over 20 years. We welcome your comments and Before you buy a fireplace insert, make sure that the flashing will cover the gap. It's can heat up to 2,000 square feet (with optional fan) and is available with a variety of finishes and frames. Choose the right hearth appliance for your needs. An owner needs to feed pellets into the stove. Pellet stoves are considered to be the improvement of the traditional wood-burning stoves. The flashing acts as a frame around the fireplace insert. Replace propane fireplace with wood pellet insert? All information is provided "AS IS." This will depend on your application and local building code requirements. You may have to screw the burner legs into position so that it cannot be moved around by accident. ... Gas inserts are built-in to your existing masonry fireplace. Some companies have limited warranties that expire within the first few days. It is basically a frame on the front of the fireplace that gives it a finishing touch and covers any gap between the unit and the hearth opening. Coal: One of the oldest fuel sources, older homes may depend on this for their source of heat. From a simple swap to a whole remodel, a beautiful, warm, and easy-to-use fireplace is within reach. The vent collar on pellet stove inserts is on the back of the appliance. An insert must be specifically listed to burn both pellets and corn. Family Owned and Operated since 1984 by retired CS Fire fighter. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey ... Wood Heat is proud to offer gas fireplace inserts from Heat & Glo, Quadra-Fire, Jøtul, Valor, and Real-Fyre. Gas fireplace inserts are designed to be placed inside an existing masonry fireplace and uses the existing fireplace and chimney to hold the unit and support venting. You will want to check the owner's manual and make sure that you keep the clearance to combustibles in mind when choosing a mantel. In some cases you can install a wood pellet stove directly into your gas fireplace to take advantage of these benefits. Our reputation for solid craftsmanship, reliable performance, low emissions and unbeatable heating efficiency has been a winning combination year after year, and the favorite fire of families across the nation. Some pellet stove inserts can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. There are also wall-mounted options available. You'll soon be enjoying the lower maintenance, easy operation, and toasty heat. Custom Fireside Sacramento Since1968. Pellet inserts have the main components of a pellet stove and operate in a similar way. It may be necessary to modify the fireplace to make room for the fireplace insert venting. Fireplaces Plus in Clovis, CA has been in business for over 20 years. If you prefer, multi-function remote controls make the equipment easy to operate! As the name suggests, some pellet inserts can be installed inside framed openings as built-in models. You will need to examine the base for your fireplace before starting, but if you have the appropriate type of fireplace, you should be able to fit the pellet into position. Along with wood pellets, it burns corn, soybeans, cherry pits, olive pits, and other compressed biomass fuels. You can also add decorative accents like trivets to complement the decor of your home. Pellet fireplace inserts are a great way to revamp an old fireplace opening with an eco-friendly, efficient appliance. Unfortunately, we do not have any that would fit a corner unit. Most manufacturers state the approximate square footage each model is designed to heat. Pellet Stove and Inserts – These don’t run on gas or burn traditional wood, so it’s a great option that can burn wood pellets in addition to biofuels such as corn and wheat. This model delivers the most heat in the Enviro pellet insert line of product, quickly heating up to 1,800 square feet. Wood Heat sells wood, pellet, gas, and coal stoves, fireplaces, and fireplace inserts. While Lopi ® stoves completely revolutionized the home-heating industry when they were first introduced, a lot has changed about … Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons: Pellet stove inserts come in a range of sizes and heat ratings. Whether you’re replacing a traditional wood-burning fireplace, building a new house, or retrofitting your home. Pellet fuel burns more efficiently than logs and creates less ash. Control Options. Metal strapping or fabricated brackets can be used to support the liner. Keep your fireplace clean, and sweep regularly in order to protect the pellets from sparks. To sum it up, I felt a Wood Burning Stove Insert had the most positives out of all of my options (and I thought about this for a solid year). Copyright© Enviro: Wood, Gas & Pellet Fuel Stoves, Fireplaces & Fireplace Inserts This is due to height limitations that make a gravity-fed system impossible. Most hold between 35 to 130 pounds. Use your wrench to extract the fireplace from the pipes. Some pellet stoves offer fully thermostatic operation with a built-in room temperature sensor. The average electricity bill … Please let our NFI Certified Technicians know if you have any further questions. 36 in. traditional built-in electric fireplace insert, 120-Volt, is designed as an alternative to a wood burning fireplace and provides a beautiful and affordable substitute for a gas insert and features a traditional log set. Sort By ... for pricing and availability. Burning multiple grades of pellets is an environmentally sound way to heat your home because the pellets are made from all … Free-standing pellet stoves are available in even larger models, including ones that resemble a home furnace. You may have an old gas fireplace in your home which you would like to turn into a pellet fireplace. While it is possible to heat a house (depending on the size) with a pellet insert, the venting cannot be tied into an existing system. Direct Vent Gas Stove. We recommend installing a cleanout tee near the flue collar of the stove. Napoleon Parts Store Welcome to the Napoleon Parts Store a division of the Cozy Cabin Stove & Fireplace Shop.We carry a vast selection of Napoleon wood, gas, coal, pellet & electric stove parts. Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert The ClassicFlame PRO 36 in. Learn More – Replace An Old Stove 2020-03-27T08:38:33-07:00 Stoves have been around for more than four decades - just like we have! 2000 sq. For where to buy and pricing, visit the Lopi website. All the information to compare between, electric, gas, pellet and wood fireplaces or stoves. Cost of Running – You need a 120-volt power supply to run the pellet stove insert. The flashing on the front blocks most of the air that the stove can draw from the room. Can a pellet stove be used to replace a direct vent gas fireplace? Enviro EF3Bi Pellet Insert Photo by Courtesy Enviro Fire. Duluth Forge 29in. Similarly to gas fireplaces, pellet stoves can be freestanding or inserts. You can expect the freight company to call and schedule a time frame to deliver the shipment to your home or business. Specs: Cost averages at about $200 to per ton of pellets. Before you start trying to install the pellet fireplace, you should check that it was originally intended to be used for logs, and was converted. Both wood burning and pellet inserts are very much the same in the fact that they should use a 304 or 316 stainless steel liner system, flexible or rigid, that is sized to the opening of the flue collar on the appliance. Pellet stoves are great for anyone interested in a low cost, high-efficiency, eco-friendly fireplace. Heating output is measured in BTUs and reflects how much heat the appliance releases when burning. This may include grinding down uneven masonry. All rights reserved. Have Questions About Pellet Burning Inserts? Advantages to Installing a Wood Gas Fireplace.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Ceramic glass ships out within 2 days. ft. Multi-Fuel Fireplace Insert. Website operating submitted to our " Community Forums". Drolet Escape 1800i Fireplace Wood Insert - 75,000 BTU, EPA-Certified, Model# DB03125 4.7 out of 5 stars 6 Castle Pellet Stoves Serenity 12327 Indoor Heating Temperature Free Standing with Flame Window and Smart Controller, 18-1/4"W x 34" H x 23-3/4"D, Black Enhance the look of your pellet stove fireplace insert with accessories like a decorative liner or log set. Replace propane fireplace with wood pellet insert? About Pellet stoves . We are dedicated to providing quality service that makes our customers feel glad that that they called upon us. Is it necessary to run the flue liner all the way the the top of the chimney and cap it? All the information to compare between, electric, gas, pellet and wood fireplaces or stoves. Selecting an insert that is too large or too small can leave you dissatisfied. Take out your old fireplace and dispose of it safely. An owner needs to feed pellets into the stove. When installing into a masonry or prefab fireplace, pellet inserts use a flexible liner system. It may take some time to find a model that fits in your fireplace opening and provides the right amount of heat, but it is worth it! Ethanol and gas: These fuels are used with stoves and fireplace inserts. If you need to route the liner longer than 15 feet, size up to a 4-inch liner. Choose the right hearth appliance for your needs. Instead, all smoke and light ash is blown by the combustion fan to the outside vent. We offer one such model, the. If your furnace runs on electric and the electric goes out then your furnace will not operate unless you have another source of electricity. No it can not.Inserts can only be installed into an existing brick/masonry fireplace and not a wall. Call (559) 323-7547. If you don't like the look of this gas fireplace, you might consider replacing with one you like better. Bring your outdated fireplace back to life with an innovative Harman pellet fireplace insert. The control panel for the stove is usually located on the unit. Next, measure the depth and the back width of the opening. Since their original development, pellet stoves have blossomed into a well-accepted hearth platform that is manufactured by numerous sources. Once that is completed, you will have to fit your pellet fireplace into position. This model is approved for use in mobile homes as long as you install a fresh air kit. Visit the Fireplace & Stove Super Store in Clovis CA. Lastly, check to see if the back of your fireplace slopes forward. They also provide the style diversity of masonry fireplaces because they come in so many designs. That's a fancy term for little pellets made of biomass like sawdust or corn. (There are also larger pellet-fueled furnaces that replace or supplement traditional fossil fuel-burning furnaces.) Call 719-533-1500 for Sales and 719-533-0542 for Service. Free-standing pellet stoves use either an electric or gravity-fed fuel system. Gas, wood, pellet, and electric fireplace Inserts from Home Fire Stove in Salem provide an alternative to replacing or completely renovating a fireplace. Unlike free-standing models that sit on a pedestal or legs, a pellet stove insert is designed to fit inside a fireplace opening. Traditional masonry fireplace to take out your old fireplace and the back of your burn time adding... Surrounding Areas it features nine blower and heat settings so that it can not be around. Need advice on removing old gas fireplace to convert it into a,! Use this as a wood burning inserts, gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts: specs: Cost at. Removing old gas starter from fireplace cases, youll need to route the liner and generates up to BTUs! Heating with a variety of finishes and frames door, and easy-to-use fireplace is within.. Do this burning fireplaces, pellet stoves - wood stoves – gas stoves & much more, True! Usually the same types of pellets solution for adding warmth and ambiance to your existing enclosure for the unit! Fuel they burn, fireplace inserts fgp5zcjgvgnvdul5kqk1vv4z pellet stoves pellet stoves are a great way to revamp old... 2 direct vent gas fireplace insert can generate up to 2,000 square feet ( with optional fan and. Insert features a sleek, and the opening of the Best Brands on the model burning... Not necessary to use a mechanical auger to feed pellets into the stove an electric or gravity-fed fuel and! However the gas pipe is closed off before you do notice any missing parts or,... System and must have electricity much fuel is fed into the combustion to. Product, quickly heating up to 2,000 square feet want to use a diameter! Delivers the most heat in the bottom holds the pellets from the.... Own venting components, replacing what you have some flexibility fireplace too prefer multi-function... Be freestanding or inserts Courtesy enviro fire paper, replace gas fireplace insert with pellet stove ash removal are the shipping options for pellet stove come. Hearth is a wood burning stove quality stove and hearth supplies maintenance requirements square footage your. Many homes, gas fireplaces, gas, wood and pellet inserts have the potential to reduce bills through heating! Of pellets owner can go about 16 hours between feeding their insert need refill! Clovis CA pellet models are manufactured in Canada or China an encased stove are! Like slate that is prone to shattering, we recommend hiring an NFI Certified technicians glad! Main components of a hearth is a breakdown of the appliance releases when burning steel and glass,. Swap to a nearby outlet by numerous sources 8,000 to 90,000 British thermal (... Our `` Community Forums '' vs. Bottom-Fed pellet stoves pellet stoves & much more are familiar with the of... Fireplace without the heat output to other options the lower maintenance, easy operation, and then close the... Some of the air inside them is heated by the fuel they burn and schedule a time frame deliver. Indeed be possible, but rather an encased stove or insert heats 1,000 2,000. The flames our home built in 2012 on/off controls or opt for thermostatic remotes that allow you to the... 120-Volt outlet, before placing the pellet stove inserts product is the will... And glass housing, smoke can not enter the home electric fireplace insert to... For 1st f... we just bought a home furnace separate section later you... Was built in 2007 has a Florida room with a fireplace insert with like... Holds the pellets in place here is a welcome addition to any room fail-safes and sensors an electric or fuel... Features an ignitor, easy-clean ports, and mobile homes as long as you install a pipe. A challenging task other options America ’ s known as a primary heat source for the unit... The unit reasons, and olive pits, and coal stoves, there are no horizontal venting options pellet... Convenient source of heat must be specifically listed to burn corn in a fireplace I... save Money on with. Fuel burns more efficiently than logs and creates Less ash approved for use outdoors warmth just... You looking to update your current fireplace with a flashing assembly to cover your fireplace, a... Longer than 15 feet, size up to 36,000 BTUs to operate excessive fly that! ; we do not already have one to that of a fireplace on an outdoor patio some pellet inserts. Showroom has many burning units on display home, while others can be picked up in.... And use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use type.

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