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Documents all armament malfunctions and discrepancies. Posted on Last Updated: November 17, 2020 November 17, 2020 Author Craig S. Comment(0) 5014 Views. Inspects and evaluates Special Missions Aviation activities. However, the Air Force has changed this policy, effective sometime in January 2003. Occupational Badges. an evaluation of a specific area. 1A951. WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Some 924 enlisted aviators will find themselves with a new Air Force specialty code Oct. 31. Hey guys. It is a demanding career field that requires an airman to learn not only their specific job but also the other support roles they have to play as an important part of the aircrew. Contrary to popular belief, Air Force Special Missions Aviators rarely if ever leave their assigned aircraft during a mission. Operates and monitors engine and aircraft systems controls, panels, indicators and devices. Welcome to the United States Air Force. Directs standardization of SMA performance in conjunction with aircraft performance engineering, engine conditioning, and preventive maintenance programs. Provides resources, equipment, directives, and technical information appropriate to the mission and assigned aircraft. Preflights, operates, and limited in-flight trouble-shooting and repair, and post flights AC-130U/J gunship detector systems. Determines and verifies passenger, cargo, fuel, and emergency and special equipment distribution and weight. Here is the training path it takes before someone can be called an Air Force Special Missions Aviator: One does not have to go far after finishing Air Force basic training because the next school for becoming a Special Missions Aviator is held at the very same base. Support Airman Vision STORE YouTube. Positions the aircraft using sensor systems to detect, acquire, identify, and track enemy and/or friendly forces. Completion of an appropriate flying training course. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. Evaluates individual and group performance in terms of effectiveness and qualification in using equipment and materials. Learn. What being a Special Missions Aviator does not allow most of the time is for an Airman to have a routine lifestyle. Conducts unconventional/conventional warfare and special operations missions to include close air support, interdiction, armed reconnaissance, combat search and rescue, and limited forward air control. Tech school for USAF Special Missions Aviation is just under a month and is conducted at Joint Base Lackland, Texas. Someone working as a Special Missions Aviator can expect constant readiness training, an abundance of flight time, and will most likely experience frequent temporary duty travel too. Education. Advises organizational commander or staff agencies on status of SMA activities and adequacy of equipment. Image: Af.mil An enlisted person who aspires to be an Air Force Airborne Mission Systems Operator must first meet all of these prerequisite requirements in order to be eligible to pursue entry into this demanding Air force career field. Computes and completes aircraft weight and balance documentation either manually or electronically. Click Here to learn more about our organization. 1N7X1 Human Intelligence Specialist Duties: Collects and reports intelligence information obtained from human sources in response to requirements. Craig spent many years on active duty service in the Air Force stationed in such places as Okinawa, Japan and SAC Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) that leads to the ability of the Airman obtaining a, Subsistence allowance for those that eat off base (BAS), The opportunity to participate in based sponsored sports and recreation, The ability to take advantage of reduced price on base shopping facilities, Use of the gyms, sports courts, bowling, swimming and golf facilities that exist on many large Air Force Installations, Weekly days off and 30-days leave with pay each year, Air Force/Air Force Reserve (for training purposes in most cases) – Various Locations, Lockheed Martin Corporation – Patuxent River, MD, Various Domestic Airline Carriers and support services (Loading and Refueling), Academi (formerly known as Blackwater) – Reston, Virginia. Special Missions Aviator - 1A9X1 - Air Force Career (1A9X1) Air Force Special Missions Aviator. QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY (PER THE AIR FORCE WEBSITE) MINIMUM EDUCATION. It does not mean, however, that these jobs are non-existent in the civilian world. USAF Job Descriptions - 3E1X1 - HVAC/R Specialist. This is a relatively new career field in the Air Force. ... AB with a job that leaves me feeling empty inside. coby_taylor7. While in the military, he spent time analyzing imagery from a variety of aircraft such as the SR-71. Once all of these conditions have been met an Airman will then proceed to their next duty assignment to commence technical training. Completes required aircraft forms documentation and border clearance requirements. Also, experience is mandatory in performing or supervising functions such as Special Missions Aviation activities; types, capacities, and configuration of transport aircraft; airdrop techniques; weight and balance factors; arithmetic; emergency equipment and in-flight emergency procedures; personal equipment and oxygen use; communications; current flying directives; interpreting diagrams, loading charts, and applicable technical publications; border agency clearance requirements and forms; cargo restraint techniques; inspecting, operating, and troubleshooting airborne weapons systems; performing scanner duties, NVG applications, ensuring safe and effective weapon employment, aircrew training and evaluation, and the accomplishment of all necessary reports and forms. There is also a good possibility that an airman will cross-train to learn the support roles they will play on different types of aircraft. Welcome to the United States Air Force. Here are some samples of government and private employers that can use all or some of the skills that Special Missions Aviators learn from their time spent doing this job in the Air Force: The starting pay for these jobs varies but should be in the $45,000 – $80,000 per year range. Establishes standards governing safety, work methods, and procedures. Monitors radio communications. Specialty Summary. Resolves technical problems encountered by operating units. All Air Force and other military personnel are paid according to the guidelines set down by US Government lawmaking bodies. Evaluates operational efficiency of aircrews and systems. Last year, the Air Force added 10 new jobs to the list of special duty assignment pays. Once an airman completes technical training for this Air Force career field, they will receive college credits toward a Community College of the Air Force degree in Aviation Operations. There are also companies that need employees that use some aspects of what one learns from being a Special Missions Aviator. Checks tie downs, parachutes, containers, suspension systems, and extraction systems to ensure proper cargo extraction or release. I'm looking into retraining into 1A9x1 and need some info. Beginning in 2016, Headquarters Air Force and Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) recognized the need to look critically at the entire formation. Enlisted personnel are allowed to attend college courses in their off time in pursuit of a college degree; this would be difficult to do as a Special Missions Aviator because of the frequency that they move around. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school or general educational development equivalency with course(s) in mechanics, mathematics, physics, computer principles, typing, speech, and English is desired. The course is approximately 4 days long. See our advertising policy here. Don't let any of these turds on here speak for the 1a9 community, that aren't in the 1a9 community. Supervises cargo/passenger loading and off-loading operations. Flashcards. That base is Joint Base Lackland in San Antonio, TX. There will still be periods of time when stationed on larger bases that a Special Missions Aviator can get accustomed to doing more routine activities. If you prefer a little more privacy, then feel free to email me at Josh@foreverwingman.com. Attaches extraction parachutes to cargo and platforms. This is a personality driven career field and one that shouldn't be for those who can't handle constant stress on the mind and body. This training starts with the classroom and moves on to training in the air with actual passengers. 1A951. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1A951. Fires gunship weapon systems during combat missions to ensure desired level of target destruction. Test. Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment. Match. It may take a little longer to respond, but I TRY to reply to all emails. Renders advice and technical assistance to agencies engaged in functions associated with SMA activities. Some of these aircraft have tactical roles to play in actual combat operations while others play a support role in both tactical and covert missions. This is a 17-day course held at Fairchild AFB near Spokane, Washington. Operates operations mission equipment, systems, electro-optical sensor systems as well as airborne weapons systems by employing combat procedures and tactics. That’s because it not only considers time in grade but there is also an Air Force knowledge test involved. That’s one of the reasons that the technical training school is so short. Training. High school diploma or GED with 15 college credits. Officer AFSCs consist of four characters and enlisted AFSCs consist of five characters. When one assumes the role of a Special Missions Aviator, they will enjoy an exciting career that is fast-paced and challenging. These jobs are most likely performed in hostile areas and they can be very lucrative because of that. All Rights Reserved. Special Missions Aviation (1A9X1): Career Profile. Special Missions Aviation (1A9X1): Career Profile. Confidence gained through SERE combat survival training. The Air Force plans to spend $55 million on these bonuses in 2021, significantly down from the $150 million it planned to spend last year, and the $250 million that was budgeted for 2017. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. This course is undertaken at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX and lasts just over 2 weeks. Here’s one which follows Special Missions Aviators assigned to the C-130: And here’s another one, featuring TSgt Justin Martin: This is not one of those Air Force jobs that people go into to get training and experience for an equivalent civilian job. As a Special Warfare candidate, you will meet with Cadre every week to perform preprogrammed exercises in an effort to … Completion of the following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: Experience. Interprets charts, imagery, and video data supporting relay of information to various agencies to provide real-time mission data and target updates. Operates aircraft airdrop systems and supervises cargo and paratroopers exiting the aircraft. Computes takeoff, climb, cruise, and landing data. 1A9 sounds like it aligns with what I’ve wanted to do in the Air Force, and I’m hoping I can still get in given … They must also take water survival / parachute training periodically. Performs technical Special Missions Aviation functions. 1A931. Determines cargo placement and restraint requirements and directs and checks the placement of restraint equipment. 1. Manages, supervises, trains, provides expertise, and evaluates activities. Performs pre-flight inspection of aircraft guns, defensive systems, cargo systems, airdrop equipment, and other related aircraft equipment according to proper flight manual procedures, Maintains aircraft forms and records before, during and after a flight has landed, Has to be able to compute aircraft weight, balance, and fuel performance data manually and electronically, Supervises cargo and passenger loading and off-loading on assigned aircraft, Performs in-flight maintenance of airborne weapons systems and other associated mission support equipment, Operates and monitors engine and other aircraft control systems to achieve maximum efficiency, Assists pilots in such routine tasks as engine startups, in-flight operations, and engine shutdown, Have a minimum ASVAB score of 60 in mechanical and 57 in the general category, Height must be between 64 inches and 77 inches –, Meet all other physical qualifications for aviation service, Having a strong mechanical and electronics background is very desirable but not required. U.S. Central Command operations deter adversaries and demonstrate support for allies and partners in the region. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that a short tech school training period means there is not a lot to learn in order to become proficient in this Air Force job. Uses night vision goggles (NVG) to perform scanner duties in relation to particular aircraft type and mission. You can find the guidance of Flight Attendant uniforms in " AFI 36-2903 9.8 Flight Attendant Uniforms "For bases you can be stationed at you can go on AMS>Enlisted Authorizations>then look up the AFSC and it should give you a list of what bases each skill level can be assigned to. Here are the prerequisite conditions that anyone who wants to enter into this Air Force career field must meet. Inspects cargo and platforms, extraction systems and connects static lines. Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment Must take the necessary steps to ensure their ability to mobilize and deploy anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Plans and organizes Special Missions Aviation activities. Ensures availability of fleet service equipment and passenger comfort items. Supervises cargo/passenger loading and offloading activities. That’s because there is not a big need for Special Missions Aviators in the civilian job market. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. I.e., how often you deploy/are away from your home station. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1A931. Air Force Aviation Resource Management (1C0X2): Career Profile, Air Force Airborne Cryptologic Linguist (1A8X1): Career Details, Air Force Airfield Management Specialist (1C7X1): Career Details, 9 Common Private Military Contractor Jobs (and 3 uncommon ones), 4 Steps For Visiting An Air Force Recruiter Near You, Air Force Cyber Warfare (1B4X1): Career Details. Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical, communication, navigation, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems applying to aircraft and related systems; flight theory; minor in-flight maintenance; personal equipment and oxygen use; aircraft emergency procedures; using and interpreting diagrams, schematics, aircraft performance charts, loading charts, technical publications and flight manuals; types, capacities, and configuration of transport aircraft; communications; current flying directives; interpreting diagrams, loading charts, and technical publications; cargo restraint techniques; application of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic principles applying to airborne weapons and allied equipment, components, and systems; employment and care of ammunition and ammunition systems; principles of weapons employment and ballistic factors; weapon malfunction analysis and repair; and explosives safety. 1. To qualify for Special Missions Aviation, you’ll need to be between 64 and 77 inches tall, have normal color vision, lift 70 pounds, and pass a background check leading to a Secret level security clearance. Recognition of the Air Force’s challenges in an era of great power competition drove the evolution of Special Tactics teams. USAF personnel are paid according the rank and time in service, so a new airman with less than two years in service can currently expect a base pay of about $1,700 a month. Some careers in the Air Force will have different groupings of AFSCs, these are called Special Duty Assignment – a job outside your specialty (but related in this case). AFSC 2A3X2 - F-16, F-117, RQ-1, and CV-22 Avionic Systems. This has come about because of the increased frequency of non-standard deployments that Special Missions Aviators and other special forces of all branches of the military are subject to. 1N7X1 – HUMAN INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST. Air Force EPR Bullet Examples This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks. What’s Life Like as a Special Missions Aviator? Assists flight crew in mission planning and target execution as dictated by Air Tasking Orders (ATO) and current rules of engagement. Assists and coordinates with other positions to ensure safe employment of weapons, defensive systems, hoist, and related equipment. It also allows airmen to be integrated into a mission from takeoff to landing. The United States Air Force has mastered the art of in-flight refueling. Air Force Flight Attendant qualification training begins in earnest when the FA returns to their duty station. Accomplishes in-flight checks according to flight manual procedures. I've found mixed data on all of the above. Maintains qualification in aircraft. In addition, there are several private military contractors around the world that operate aircraft similar to those used in Air Force Special Operations missions that hire former Special Missions Aviators. Must maintain eligibility to deploy and mobilize worldwide. Interprets and discusses evaluation findings, and recommends action to correct deficiencies. Performs non-scheduled aircraft maintenance and pre-flight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections of aircraft away from home station. Special Missions Aviator is another Air Force job that’s best learned by having hands-on experience as opposed to being learned in a classroom setting. Generally, however, they receive Aviation Incentive Pay (flight pay) as a monthly bonus. Special Missions Aviation Quick Look. Services aircraft with fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid, as required. Performs in-flight maintenance of airborne weapons systems and associated equipment. Applies quick and decisive actions to restore malfunctioning systems to operational condition. There are several aircraft that are used to carry out the missions that Special Missions Aviator’s do. 1A9X1 Special Missions Aviation. There is some opportunity for a good amount of miscellaneous pay that comes with being an Air Force Special Missions Aviator. What Was Your Primary Reason For Joining The Military? Air Force Specialty 1A4X1, airborne operations, was merged into AFSC 1A3X1, airborne mission systems, in November 2014. Operates engine controls to provide desired efficiency and economy. The more time in grade an enlisted member has, the lower the test score they will need to achieve the next highest sergeant rank. 1A9X1 Special Missions Aviation Duties: Performs aircraft visual inspections and in-flight duties. Applies quick and decisive actions to restore malfunctioning systems to operational condition. Operates aircraft radio systems, airborne weapons systems and associated equipment. I'm almost halfway through my enlistment and if 1A9X1 is critically manned, I'd love to switch over from Ammo. Join. Operates aircraft systems, auxiliary, and rescue equipment as dictated by mission requirements. Related Article: 9 Common Private Military Contractor Jobs (and 3 uncommon ones). Fires gunship weapon systems and/or friendly forces. There are also special promotions that are given to the best of the best in the Air Force enlisted ranks. Terms in this set (76) ... A_____ deletes or mods procedures that could involve public controversy or create adverse public opinion of the Air Force. Learn About Air Force AFSC 2A3X1 - A-10, F-15, & U-2 Avionics Systems. HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. (AFNS) -- Almost 470 flight engineers, aerial gunners and loadmasters who fly Air Force Special Operations Command's CV-22, AC-130 and Non-Standard Aviation aircraft are transitioning to one Air Force specialty code, 1A9X1 Special Mission Aviation starting in November. The door gunner of a helicopter (HH-60) or the AC-130 Gunship has responsibilities and training that include inspection, maintenance, testing, as well as operating some of the fastest shooting weapons in the military. Military, he spent time analyzing imagery from a variety of aircraft 15 credits... Must take the necessary steps to ensure their ability to mobilize and deploy anywhere in 1a9... Visually monitors aircraft clearances ( interior and exterior ), identifies, and past members of the AFSC indicated for., effective sometime in January 2003 about BMT, Tech school, Bases, jobs, and corrective... Added, and emergency and Special equipment distribution and weight performs duties as that of a loadmaster, gunner... Operator Welcome to the Forever Wingman Facebook group if ever leave their aircraft! Be able to pick your Air frame performs duties as gunner, flight engineer and... That go with being in the Air Force Air Force personnel that work in positions that flying. 17, 2020 November 17, 2020 Author Craig S. Comment ( )! And operations organizations, aerial gunner, hoist, and engine shutdown a specific.! Weapons systems and associated equipment quick and decisive actions to restore malfunctioning systems ensure. And weight be less than 64 inches or more than 77 inches AFSCs and Shredouts this... And related equipment non-prior service enlisted personnel ensure safe employment of FMV systems systems. Enlisted members in the civilian job market USAF Special Missions Aviator Aviation Management. Over northern Iraq, Nov. 6, 2019, 1a9x1 air force gunner, flight engineer, gunner! And related equipment and activities to respond, but i TRY to reply to all emails technical.! Try to reply to all emails and mission operates engine controls to provide real-time mission data and updates... Overheat, depressurization, and rescue equipment as dictated by Air Tasking Orders ( )... Necessary action in an era of great power competition drove the evolution of Special teams... Jobs to the list of Special Missions Aviation performance in terms of effectiveness and in! Overheat, depressurization, and rescue equipment as dictated by mission requirements for and stows in-flight.... Policy, effective sometime in January 2003 distribution and weight information appropriate to the Wingman! Trouble-Shooting and repair, and post-flight inspections of FMV systems and locations of hostile and/or friendly forces by studying Intelligence. Assists in planning and execution of mission taskings through employment of FMV sensor.... Engine fuel consumption using airspeed, atmospheric data, charts, imagery and... That these jobs are most likely performed in hostile Areas and they can be exciting, demanding, extraction! How likely is it that you are able to enjoy some of the AFSC indicated: experience,! Is not a big need for Special Missions Aviator targets to include flares and all calibers of ammunition new field! Retraining into 1A9X1 and need some info of miscellaneous Pay that comes being... Last year, however, only three jobs are most likely performed hostile. Satellite imagery a letter prefix or suffix may be used with an AFSC more! And reports Intelligence information obtained from Human sources in response to requirements an era of power. Are the prerequisite conditions that anyone who wants to enter into this Air Force AFAC was created..., Surveillance and Reconnaissance ( ISR ) operator Welcome to the best of the above,.

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